Week 29: Japan Wrap Up

Ok so first things first I guess: I did get a tiny bit of knitting done on the train to Tokyo, so my final knitting for the trip looks like this:

Not as much progress as I would have thought for the amount of time I spent in transit, but I was really hoping to sleep during those long-ass flights so I didn’t want to get anything complicated out. (I still didn’t sleep, so I could have been knitting instead of trying to sleep. Oh well.)

The Harrison Shirt that I made last minute is pretty much the MVP of the trip (that and the spanx, which prevented really unpleasant chafing and which I now want like five pairs of). It didn’t show sweat at all, and it was very breathable and comfortable to wear, even with the slight pulling around the shoulders. The only problem I had was that my cross-body bags hit right at the button at the bust, and it kept coming undone while I was in public. I don’t think it will happen without the bags right there, but if it does I’ll have to figure out some solution, because I love that shirt and want to make more.

Now for my haul from Nippori Fabric Town!

I have three meters of the top fabric and four of the bottom. Both are about 44 inches wide. The bottom is for sure 100% cotton, and I think the top one is as well although it’s a much lighter cotton. I am thinking about a flowy long-sleeve shirt out of the top, and I bought the bottom one specifically to try to make a yukata for myself (although I did buy a yukata as well). I tried asking the shop owner if 4m would be enough, and he was like “I’m not sure how to make one, so I don’t know.” I figured if 4 yards is enough for a dress then 4 meters, which is slightly more, would probably be fine for a yukata, but we’ll see. I bought a book on making kimono by hand but I’m still trying to puzzle through the directions and figure out where the body width measurement comes into play so I can calculate if I have enough fabric. (Also I will probably make a muslin before I cut into my irreplaceable imported fabric.)

These two were in 2m pre-cut chunks, which is awesome – you can do a lot with 2m. I don’t know what I’m going to do with these but it’s going to be something awesome.

These two were in the remnants bucket outside a wholesale fashion fabric shop, and were about $12.00 each, for 2m at about 60″ wide. I really just want to make tailored jackets from them, but I’m not sure 2m is going to be quite enough. They look a lot like the material from the couture dressmaking Craftsy class that I loved, so it would be fun to really hardcore work the couture angle on these and make a set of nice coats if I can.
This is not really exciting to look at, I know, but it was extremely exciting to find in the bargain bin. It’s basically 4 1/2 yards of power net (2 2.25-yard chunks) that I got for ¥250 each, or about $4.00 total. Given that my normal source for power net is $30/yard, this was a STEAL.

Goals for next week:

  • Hem the yukata I bought (I had to get one for big and tall ladies, and I am big but not tall). I’ll probably do this by hand because I have bad luck with turned-under hems.
  • Figure out the next project! I’m not really sure whether I want to start a test muslin for my homemade yukata or if I want to start planning out my Once Upon a Time Belle wardrobe like I’d been thinking about before the trip.

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