Week 28: Japan part 2

Well I have done zero knitting since last week, but I did visit the Nishijin Textile Museum in Kyoto! They didn’t allow pictures in most of it, but allow me to regale you with some of what they did allow photos of:

Sorry that light reflection is bad, but y’all aren’t used to quality photos from me so I’m sure it’s fine. 😊

This was taken on the show floor and I’m still not clear on whether this was an acceptable photo to take or not, since I did see some “no pictures” signs but they seemed to be at particular stalls:

American ties need some work, is all I’m saying. These are so beautiful I almost bought one myself but I really could justify over $100 for an article of clothing I don’t wear regularly.

I bought stuff at the Textile Museum, of course! The small tapestry I got is boxed up nicely and will stay that way unless I get desperate for bag space and take it out to roll it up more tightly, but here are the other things I bought there, in a classy picture taken from my hostel cubby:

The six squares are coasters, and I decided to get an assortment instead of a set because I couldn’t decide which I liked the best, haha. Almost all of them have a secondary print on the back, too.

And then lastly, I can’t believe I forgot to post my very favorite things so far this trip: Boro from the Amuse Museum in Asakusa, and the summer kimono from the Tokyo National Museum!

Ridiculously beautiful kimono embroidery:


One of the best things about this museum is you could touch almost everything.

Honestly that Boro museum was so cool that looking at pictures makes me want to go back again, haha. I bought three different colors of sashiko thread and a sashiko coaster sampler kit, so I can practice my sashiko work when I get back to the states! (They’re buried somewhere deep in my luggage, but I promise I will take everything out next weekend and give a full photo accounting of my ridiculous craft purchasing overseas.)

Unfortunately, Atelier de nano iro is closed while I’m in Osaka, so I will have to rely on. Nippori Fabric Town for all my over-purchasing needs. Seriously, I’m not sure how I’m going to fit anything else in my luggage, but I’m not leaving without at least a yard or two of fabric!


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