Week 27: Japan part 1

I’m in Japan! (I hope I scheduled this right, since the mobile app apparently tries for local time, which is 16 hours ahead of when I want to post.) Here’s the capsule wardrobe I took with me:

I also brought my two handmade bras, an extra older bra, the handmade spanx, and a bunch of handmade socks. I thought maybe three bras was overkill but HOLY CRAP am I glad I brought them, since the humidity is so bad I want to rotate them every day. I hand-washed my underclothes today (since I didn’t want to machine wash the bras anyway, and also didn’t want to pay to do laundry), and am hoping they’ll dry by the time I leave tomorrow morning, otherwise things will be interesting.

As you might expect, I didn’t get a whole lot done this week as far as crafting goes. I thought there might be some time for knitting on the plane, but they turned off the main cabin lights for most of the flight and I couldn’t figure out how to turn my individual light on! Foiled by technology! I did manage to get started on a pair of socks, however, and made some additional progress on the Shinkansen to Nagano, when I wasn’t looking out the window. Someday I’ll master blind knitting, but I’m really not very good at it yet.

I also picked up a sewing book in the bookstore in Ueno Station, which is a Shinohara Tomoe sewing book. I didn’t know she had a particular clothing style, but I’m familiar with her musical style, which is quirky as hell. Her clothing style is apparently sort of 50’s vintage dresses, and I’m sure I’ll have to grade up almost every one of the patterns in here, but it’s a fun collection regardless.

In case you were wondering what Japanese sewing pattern instructions look like, they’re much less step-by-step than the Big 4 patterns and more with the pictures:

I’m planning to head to Nippori Fabric Town once I’m back on Tokyo (I didn’t want to go and then have to haul a ton of fabric with me for the rest of my trip), and I’m going to try to find the nani IRO atelier while I’m in Osaka.


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