Week 22: Bra #2 and Shorts

I didn’t make it quite through all the small things on my list from last time, but on the other hand, I got way more done on the big projects, so I think it comes out pretty even.

First off, the small things that weren’t really worth photographing. I did bar tack the Akita shirt, although when I was going through the binding, I couldn’t find any of the raw edges I remember. I’m sure they’ll turn up again when I wash it and they start to fray. I also split the side seams on the black knit shirt and stitched them up separately, but I have not yet figured out how I want to handle the weird neckline facing issue. Topstitching it down would be the most effective, I think, but I’m not sure if visually it will be weird. (On the other hand, having to adjust the facing constantly throughout the day to tuck it back in is pretty visually weird, so…)

For some reason I thought that hand-stitching even the first part of the bias tape to the York neckline was a good idea, so that has gone more slowly than I’d anticipated.


I’m very nearly finished, though, and then I’ll just have to rip out that stay stitching. I haven’t touched the shoulder dart yet, so that’s still on the docket.

Undergarments below the cut. (Why am I suddenly all weird about this when my very first post was about underwear? Who even knows. Thanks, anxiety!)

Spanx! Are a thing that I have never had, but have been kind of wanting lately. So I picked up some extra power mesh when I bought my bra kit, and once I had cut out the fabric, I just wanted to finish them off.


They were very fast and easy to make, and didn’t involve any pressing, which means more time at the sewing machine. The bare elastic at the top looks weird, but since these are intended to go under clothes, the extra bulk of turning it under or covering it isn’t necessary.

They actually fit very well without any changes, although if I make another pair I’ll raise the center back seam by an inch and a half or so (SHOCKER).

All that reading/watching couture stuff has gotten me in a hand sewing mood. I suck at hand sewing, by the way. But I decided that I wanted to do something fancy with that bra lace I got, so I sat down and hand-appliqued the crap out of it while watching TV.


And then once that was done, I just wanted to finish off the rest of the bra. Well, most of it, anyway. I still have to bar tack the channeling edges and trim them, and either fasten the top of the lace to the material underneath, or cut out the material underneath for like a lace window thing.


Unfortunately, although the lower cup of this bra fits marginally better, the core problem I’d had with the first one still stands – it has some loose fabric from the underarm to just under the apex. And this is after I took a dart out! I knew when I was making it that the dart wasn’t quite in the place I had the extra fabric, but I went ahead with it anyway because I’m nothing if not good at following directions. So I think I’m going to mark on the bra where the dart should actually be, and transfer that to the pattern for next time. I’m actually tempted to sew it down, because it somehow seems like there is more fabric to dart out this time than there was last time, and I’m not sure how the heck that could happen.

I used my fancy newer model machine that still doesn’t have a name to sew up the bra, because I wanted something with an adjustable width three-step zigzag, and Ethel only has one width. Unfortunately, fancy new machine decided halfway through that reverse stitching needs to make a mass of bobbin thread on the wrong side, which led to a whole lot of frustration on my part. Not sure if that’s a machine thing or a me thing, or just a problem sewing through the fabrics I was attempting to stitch through near the end. So that will be a thing to deal with in the future.

Goals for next week:

  • Finishing touches on the bra
  • Pattern adjustments to the bra pattern
  • Shorten the green corduroys
  • Trace off and fit the nightgown pattern for the next big thing!

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