Week 12: Cardigan and socks


Turns out having a harder deadline earlier in the week is super motivating. Also, like I said last week my schedule freed up. I got way more than just the first step done on the cardigan. Once I cut out the pieces, I sort of went to town.

Step 1 was to gather what will be the back of the neck, but is on the front pieces. They sort of wrap around to the back.

I’d picked up this ribbon at Joann months ago for some reason; probably it was pretty and inexpensive and I decided I needed it. Anyway, when the pattern called for seam tape and I couldn’t find any in the store, I opened the pattern to figure out what it was going to be used for and decided this would work fine.

001 cc Next was assembling everything, and I sort of got caught up in what I was doing and neglected to take pictures. I’ve only basted everything together at this point, and only one arm (which needs to be re-set anyway, it’s twisting strangely).

I even had my mom over yesterday to try it on. I’m going to let out the side seams a bit, down to 1/4″, but otherwise the fit is pretty good! My armscythe lengthening didn’t come back to bite me at all, and really the only thing I wish I’d done was increase the width another inch.

This is a very stable knit fabric (double-knit, I’m pretty sure), and it’s been awesome to work with after the rayon shirt.


Knitting felt like it went slow this week, but I did in fact finish off those socks. And of course as soon as I finished them I wanted to start another pair. (I haven’t yet, but the desire was there!)

I’m immensely pleased with how they turned out. They’re still blocking in the right picture there, but they’re very consistent with each other and it’s so nice to start and finish just once. Unfortunately, I forgot to weigh the finished socks before I soaked them down, so I’ll have to wait for them to dry before I can figure out if I have enough yarn left for another pair. I have a feeling I’m going to be a bit short, but we’ll see.

My next pair is going to be toe-up so I can use a full skein. It’s a big skein, and I’m hoping I’ll have enough for a pair of knee socks.

Goals for next week:

  • Rip all the basted seams in the cardigan
  • Stitch at least the back and side seams together.
  • Wind the next sock yarn into a paddy
  • Cast on for the toe-up socks

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