Week 10: Just socks

Short update this week because I didn’t really get all that much done – I’ve had a cold all week that’s sapped my energy. I did manage to get some knitting done, mostly because knitting involves sitting in one place and not moving a whole lot, and you can put it down to blow your nose or drink some broth.


I’m still enjoying the two at a time socks, but I underestimated how long the foot would take – as usual. I made it about halfway I think.


The only problem I’m running into with the two at a time socks is that I wish they were on a 60″ cable. My size 0 needles are on a 60″ cable and it always felt like overkill for a single sock, but I find that unless I’m very careful when readjusting between socks or while turning, I lose the loop between sides and have to find it again. (At least the pattern makes it easy.)
002Here’s a picture for those who don’t bother to do gauge swatches in the round for an item in the round. You’ll notice the top part has a way looser gauge than the bottom. That’s the heel I was complaining about last week. I haven’t done any official measuring, but it’s extremely clear just from visual inspection that it’s a much looser gauge. Same needles, just back and forth.

I mean also this week has been more stressful, so I’m sure that has something to do with it, too (thank you, two at a time socks, you’ll at least be matching in your weird gauge problems).


Sorry I’m not more exciting this week. Here, have a picture of my cat:



Goals for next week:

  • Make pattern adjustments
  • Cut out fabric
  • Get socks to the toe decrease stage

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