Week 6 Report: Side seams and cuffs

Well after weeks of being depressed and not wanting to do much of anything, I went back to my more normal state of wanting to do too many things and not having enough time to do them all. The result is that I did more with basically everything this week than I’d set goals for, so yay!


The bad thing about said burst of productivity is that I forgot to take many process pictures. I attached the sleeves (correctly this time). There are two little tucks that didn’t get eased properly in the second sleeve, but I decided I didn’t care enough to take the seam out and redo it. Then I opted not to press the seams toward the shirt immediately, which I will do in the future – it’s not that it turned out so badly, but I think it would be easier to sew the side seams up with it pressed the right way to begin with instead of  having to check to make sure it was held down the right way while sewing.

When I went to figure out how far up I wanted to let out the side seams to accommodate my hips, I decided that even a 1/4″ seam wasn’t quite going to cut it, so I left the bottom two inches or so open and topstitched the seam allowance down. I overlocked the raw edges, which still doesn’t look great – I’m hoping when I hem the bottom it will lock them down into place and you won’t be able to see the overlocking, but we’ll see. Live and learn, I guess.

The pattern has you sew the side seams and the sleeve seam at the same time, so basically after two seams were done, it actually looked like a shirt! I’m not sure how I feel about doing the sleeve in the flat – I seem to remember sleeves in the round requiring less weird fidgeting with fabric, but that might just be because I chose rayon for my fabric, and it is fidgety as hell.

Since I was still motivated to do sewing stuff, I started the next step, which is the cuffs. No point turner was necessary turning these corners, but I did have to press the crap out of it.

Maybe in the next rayon project I do, I can figure out how to keep the rayon stable enough to avoid those wobbly edges next to the stitching.

The cuffs actually went on pretty smoothly, except for the first one where I had left the stitch on basting length and had to redo it. I’m holding off on any pressing of the cuff seam until I decide if I want to do the suggested Hong Kong finish on the seam or not. I have to make more bias tape for the neck anyway, so if I just do a little more, I’ll have enough for it… and it would look pretty nice…

It’s like a real cuff! On a real sleeve! Look, ma, I’m sewing!

So I’m down to the final steps: binding the neckline and hemming the bottom.



I thought about taking knitting pictures, but honestly they would just look exactly like the ones from the last sock. I did make it down past the ankle decreases and made some decent progress on the foot.


Goals for next week:

  • Finish the shirt!
  • Finish the socks!

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