Week 4 Report: Bias Tape


This week was my first attempt at making my own bias tape! I bought a set of bias tape makers a few months back, but haven’t had reason to use them yet. York calls for 3 yards of bias tape, and I figured this was as good a time as any to learn to make my own.

My 1/2″ bias tape maker in action. Pay no attention to my terrible stitch tension…

I probably should have started with an easier material. I did the continuous bias tape method, and man is that rayon slippery as hell. And it kept stretching a little every time I touched it, so trying to get even lines was not in the cards. My 1-inch strips were pretty all over the place, which explains why they didn’t fold over all that well going through the bias maker.

I’m not entirely sure it’s going to work out for this project, and I’m thinking I might buy some pre-packaged bias tape and revisit making my own in the future.

Finished bias tape

To make things even more fun, I measured wrong and cut a 9-inch square instead of an 11-inch square, so I only have 2 yards instead of the 3 the pattern calls for. If I decide to stick with the homemade bias tape instead of going storebought, I’ll probably make the next round using the short piecing method instead of the continuous loop.

Was pretty depressed most of the week and didn’t wind up doing a whole lot sewing-wise (or anything else-wise…). The bias tape was actually done last minute today so I’d have something to post, haha.


I got more work done with knitting, mostly because it is portable and I can do it on the bus. I still didn’t reach my goal of starting the second sock, but I did just put on the first one and it’s at the length where I need to start the toe.

Now that I’m comparing it directly to last week’s… it doesn’t look all that different, does it?

I weighed the existing sock (by necessity including some of the cord, but I avoided the needles) and it came in at 22g. My remaining ball is 27g. I might be able to squeeze a toe out in 2.5g, but that’s cutting it pretty close. I’m gonna put this sock on scrap yarn and start the next one, and we’ll see how I’m feeling about how much yarn is left when the second one is at this point.


I didn’t set any mending goals last week, but I did wind up doing some darning today while waiting for my mom to come by for lunch. I fixed a hole in one pair of pants and got halfway through another (should probably finish that off tonight…). Not exciting stuff, but it feels pretty good to make a dent in my pile.

The last two items in it are alterations – a pair of pants that is too long that I want to hem up before I destroy the legs by walking on them, and a shirt that has been driving me nuts by rolling up on the sides because it’s too narrow in the hips. I’m going to rip the seams and finish them individually, essentially leaving them split up the sides like some of my other ladies’ t-shirts.

Goals for next week:

  • Redo the bust dart in the shirt
  • Attach the sleeves
  • Get to the heel turn on sock #2
  • Try to stay positive about anything lol

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