Week 3 Report: York basting


Pieces cut and ready to go!

I didn’t have as much time as I’d expected this week because a lot of my sewing time is on Saturdays, and I spent yesterday at the Women’s March instead (and visiting family I hadn’t seen in weeks because of the snow lol). But today I did manage to get my sewing goals done!

In hindsight, this pattern would have been the perfect opportunity to practice pattern-matching on the back seam, but alas, I didn’t think of this until I was sewing up the back.

All that measuring last week paid off, because the main bodice fit first time around. I’ll probably let out a little at the hips (of course) to make it lay a little better, but as far as adjustments go, I’m feeling pretty good all around.

Yeah, that’s my kitchen. My apartment has terrible lighting everywhere else.

I might re-stitch the bust darts, because one of them is a little off-kilter. Fortunately the pattern is busy enough that if I don’t, I’m the only one who will ever know. (Also you, since you are reading this. Shh, it’s our secret.) And obviously I haven’t put in the sleeves yet. I wanted to make sure the main body fit before dealing with whatever sleeve issues I’m going to fight with. The pattern also says to attach the sleeve in the flat, which will be interesting – hopefully easier than in the round, but I’ve only done sleeves in the round before, so it will be a new experience.



I was less successful with my knitting goals. I’m still plugging away at the sock but I haven’t been working on it as regularly as I should, and I’m definitely not going to be done with the pair by Feb 1st.


I finally figured out what I’m doing with the cable pattern, though! It’s basically a fixed version of the previous pattern with some size variations on the chains.


The three rows it takes to do the twists are exactly the same, and then the plain rows between the twists are going to go in a 1, 3, 5, 3, 1 row repeat cycle. My cables are kind of all over the place in this pic but I’m going to keep them in continuous twists from now on (all twisting the same direction on a column).

My yarn ball is feeling a little light, and I’m hoping the cables aren’t eating more yarn than I was expecting. I was already going to be pretty close on the remainder of this skein! I guess I can work down to the toe and then start the next one, and do the toes in another color if I need to.


Mending is way less exciting, and unless I do something super cool, I’m not going to even bother with pictures. I got two items done rather than the three I’d wanted, but since my mending pile has been sitting there for weeks, it’s still a win, hah.

I sewed up a split seam on a pair of long johns I’d been really missing in all this cold, and after I bought some hand sanitizer I tackled a sweater that had gotten tree gum on it while I was hiding in the woods in November, and had been in my mending pile ever since. The internet told me it would work great, and it did – no more tree gum, yay!

Goals for next week:

  • Make bias tape for the shirt
  • Redo one of those bust darts
  • Attach the sleeves
  • Get to the next sock, whether we’re skipping the toe or not



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