Week 1, start!

Shortly after I moved into my new, larger, apartment, I got back into sewing. Mostly this was because I had room to leave my sewing machine up all the time, so I can grab a few minutes here and there to sew a seam or two, instead of having my sewing space take up the entire living room, which mostly just inspires me to hurry through the project so I can get my living room back.

I’m still very much a beginning sewer, but I’m committing to a year of making my own clothes, and mending what I have. I’ve already started trying to self-enforce a mentality of “buy it used or buy it for life” to reduce my consumption of new, cheap goods, and I think forcing myself to go through the process of making each garment will both increase my appreciation of the labor that goes into the mass-produced goods we buy and, of course, drastically improve my sewing skills. 🙂 I’m less into sewing than I was a few months back, but I think committing to an update a week will force me to keep making at least a little progress each week.

My one exception is going to be branded goods, because every time Target stocks a new Captain America shirt I gotta have it. It’s a problem. We all have our little indulgences, right?



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